How Much Does Rent Cost in Houston, TX?

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Houston, Texas is a large and diverse city with a thriving economy and a rich cultural scene. Boasting a booming job market and a plethora of fun things to do, you’ll be spoiled for sure while living in Houston. Houston offers affordable housing, low cost of living, no state income tax, diverse culture, amazing food — the list goes on. 

Houston has the third lowest living costs among the most populous U.S. metro areas, according to the Cost of Living Index 2023 Q1.

Whether it’s in the heart of downtown Houston or a surrounding suburb, you can find the perfect apartment, townhouse, or forever home for affordable prices in Houston, TX.

What Influences Rent Prices in Houston, TX

Houston is known to be fairly affordable, especially when compared to high-cost-of-living areas like the West Coast and New York. The entire state has no income taxes, and the job market is healthy. According to RentCafe, The average rent price for an apartment in Houston, TX, is $1,342 as of October 2023

Depending on what area of Houston you live in and if it’s a house or apartment, you own it, or just renting, prices will vary across the board. A few of Houston’s top-rated areas to live in are: 

  • Downtown Houston
  • Midtown
  • Memorial
  • Kingwood
  • Greater Heights
  • Neartown- Montrose
  • Cinco Ranch
  • The Woodlands

Other factors that affect rent include amenities, size, and the overall desirability of your chosen neighborhood.

Apartment Rent in Houston, TX

Whether you’re fresh out of college looking to live with some roommates, or single and always tied up with work, many affordable apartments in Houston also offer lots of amenities. 

According to RentCafe, The average rent price for an apartment in Houston, TX, is $1,342. The cost of rent varies depending on several factors, including location, size, and quality.

Some of the top-rated apartments in Houston include:

  • 77002 Luxury Properties
  • Alta Verde
  • Timbers of Cranbrook
  • Park at North Vista
  • Rock Creek
  • Lakes of 610
  • The Tramonti Apartments

Buying a House in Houston, TX

If you’d rather steer clear of renting and start building equity, Houston is a great place to settle down and consider buying a home.

The price range of a house in Houston, TX, can vary quite a bit depending on a variety of factors. The area of town, how many bedrooms, how updated the house is, and overall square footage all contribute to the price of a home, among other things.

If you’re thinking about sticking around for a while and looking to buy a house in Houston, TX, there is a house for everyone! It’s all about what fits in your budget and what you’re looking for to fit your current lifestyle. The average price of a Houston home is currently at a value of $261,794. Of course, this changes year to year and where you’re located, but this is not as high as many other cities in the US.

Average home prices, depending on your desired area, include: 

  • Greater Heights – $580,360
  • Independence Heights – $243,701
  • Northside Village – $278,320
  • Lazy Brook – Timbergrove – $532,527
  • Washington Avenue Coalition Memorial Park – $503,453
  • Northside-Northline – $208,428
  • Fourth Ward – $378,858
  • Oak Forest – Garden Oaks-$434,527
  • Downtown – $379,496

Townhouses in Houston, TX

Depending on the location and size of a townhouse in Houston, TX, they can vary quite a bit in terms of price.

A basic townhome that has 2-3 bedrooms and 2-3 baths can range anywhere from $120,000 up to $450,000. A townhome is a good mix between a house and an apartment and is a great option for a small family or couple. 

Overall, if you don’t want the exterior maintenance that comes with homeownership but would still like the equity and wealth-building aspects of owning a home, buying a townhouse in Houston is worth considering.

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