Storage Tips from Storage King USA

With decades of experience in the self storage business, Storage King USA has learned a few packing tricks over the years—and we want to share them with you. If you’re ready to make your self storage experience easier, see below our helpful tips for packing, moving, and organizing your belongings and storage unit.

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Know How Much Space You Need

Before you even pick up the packing tape, be sure you know what storage unit size you’ll need. Do you need additional closet space in a 5×5 unit, precious items in a safe deposit box, valuable wine storage, or a 10×30 unit for all the contents of your home or business? If you’re still not sure how much storage you’ll actually need, Storage King can help you find and optimize the right space with our online storage calculator.

No matter what unit size you choose, you’ll never have to worry about paying for storage longer than you need with Storage King USA. We never require long-term agreements or deposits.

How to Pack Your Belongings

You may be tempted to fit whatever you can into your boxes before a move, but resist the urge. Without proper preparation, you could be setting your move and storage experience up for a stressful time. Safeguard your belongings from potential damage or improper storage with the following packings tips:

Additionally, you can provide a stable environment for all your belongings with climate controlled storage. At Storage King USA, our climate controlled storage units maintain a consistent temperature range between 55 and 80 degrees to ensure your belongings are safeguarded from the weather, no matter what season it is.

Gather Enough Packing Supplies

Before you pack, ask yourself a few important questions—do you have enough moving supplies, such as boxes, packing tape, or mattress covers? Which box size do you need? Where will you go if you need additional moving supplies? Thankfully, you can find the answers to these questions with Storage King USA. Our facilities have moving and packing supplies available for purchase on-site.

Create an Inventory

One of the most draining things about moving is losing track of your belongings—or worse yet, having to tear open boxes in search of a specific item. Instead of dealing with missing belongings or undoing all of your hard packing work, save yourself from stress and write down an inventory of what’s inside each box.

Label Boxes

Labelling your boxes can also help prevent you or your movers from damaging glassware, electronics, and other delicate items. Plus, you’ll be able to pack your moving truck and storage unit more efficiently and strategically.

Dismantle Furniture

Not looking forward to manhandling your bulky dining table? Make moving furniture pieces easier by taking them apart whenever possible. From unscrewing table legs to breaking down bed frames, moving your furniture in pieces, rather than whole, can help make your move go smoothly.

Moving into Your Unit

Moving your belongings into storage isn’t the same as placing them in a moving truck. While your packed boxes may be on the road for a few days as you travel to your new home, they’ll spend at least a month in your storage unit. That’s why it’s crucial to have a long-term mindset when you move into your storage unit—even if “long-term” only means a month.

The more thought you put into moving your belongings into your unit, the easier it will be to take them out at the end of your rental period. There are a variety of ways to make your storage experience easier, including:

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How to Organize Your Storage Unit

Your reason for needing storage should dictate how you load your unit—are you storing sports equipment that you’ll frequently need to retrieve, or are you putting away belongings for a year-long military deployment? No matter why you need storage, be sure to keep heavier or non-essential items near the back of your unit, and lighter or more important belongings near the door.

Items You Shouldn’t Store

At Storage King USA, keeping you and your belongings safe is our priority! Items that could cause a fire, attract pests, or are considered illegal are not permitted. Please take a few minutes to identify these common items that are too dangerous or not permitted to store.

If you have any questions about our list of items or any belongings you may want to store, you can always contact our team of storage experts for additional information. Find a Storage King facility near you today.

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