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06 Jan
Houston Moving Guide

From its humble beginnings as a port town to evolving into the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston carries a rich history woven into its bustling streets and diverse neighborhoods. An increasingly popular city for raising a family, Houston is a fine location to make a home. With the proper research and careful planning,...

06 Jan
A hunting rifle stored inside a locked gun safe.
How Do I Store My Hunting Gear Safely?

Do you have a safe storage plan before hunting season rolls around this year?  Of all the hunting gear you store, your firearms and other weapons are the most important to store properly. Sporting rifles and bows represent a significant investment, but more importantly, they pose the greatest risk if mishandled. For this reason, you...

01 Nov
Thanksgiving Food Donations in Colorado Springs

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year and the biggest time for giving back. If you live near or in the Colorado Springs area, there are many food drives and charity initiatives around town. The Colorado Springs community encourages involvement and giving back during this precious time. If you enjoy giving...

12 Dec
How To Prepare for a Military Relocation

When serving in the military, you may receive a permanent change of station (PCS), which is essentially an order to relocate. A PCS can happen multiple times throughout your career, requiring you to relocate to a completely new area. There are many ways to make relocating easier for you and your family. Whether you have...

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