How Do I Store My Hunting Gear Safely?

A hunting rifle stored inside a locked gun safe.

Do you have a safe storage plan before hunting season rolls around this year? 

Of all the hunting gear you store, your firearms and other weapons are the most important to store properly. Sporting rifles and bows represent a significant investment, but more importantly, they pose the greatest risk if mishandled. For this reason, you should practice safe gun storage, especially if you keep your weapon at home.

Use a Gun Lock and a Secure Storage Space

A surefire way to guarantee your firearm is handled only by the right individuals is to secure it with a gun lock. These simple security devices come in several forms, with some blocking access to the trigger and others that run a cable through the gun’s chamber. The common denominator among them is that they render your firearm inoperable without a key or code. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your weapon is secured, whether it is a curious child or an uninvited guest.

Put Some Distance Between Your Guns and Ammo

It’s a simple step, but many people neglect it. Unless you are preparing to use it, ammunition should be separated from your firearms and stored in a separate locked container. This is the easiest and most reliable way to prevent unauthorized use.

We understand that many hunters choose to store their weapons indoors for home defense, and if this is your choice, there are crucial steps you must follow so no one in your home is in any unnecessary danger. 

  • Do not leave a round in the chamber. The physical strength required to ready most rifles and handguns can prevent young children from fully loading them, avoiding potential accidents. 
  • Store your weapon in a secure and discrete location. Wherever you keep your firearm, store it in a way that does not attract attention. This is not a substitute for secure storage, as there should be multiple barriers between unauthorized users and your weapons. 
  • Talk to your family about gun safety. Your family should be aware that there is a firearm in the house and respect the danger it can pose. You must explain the rules of firearm safety. This knowledge will keep your household safe from mishandling, misfires, and any other mistakes that could cause injury. 

Climate-Controlled Storage for Hunting Gear

An added layer of protection is always a safe bet when ensuring the safety of your firearms and the people around them. All the gun storage tips we have discussed extend beyond your home, so take an extra step to enhance the security of all your gear with a Storage King climate-controlled unit. 

Once you’ve done your part to secure your guns and hunting supplies, let’s do our part. Our fenced facilities with 24-hour video monitoring will stand guard over your hunting gear while you are away. Top that off with the ideal storage environment provided by a climate-controlled unit, 

your firearms, bows, knives, blinds, and everything else you need for the next season will be ready and accessible when you need them. 
Store with safety. Store with responsibility. Store with Storage King USA.

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