How To Protect Your Vehicle Against Hailstorms

Close-up of a car roof with many hail damage dents.

Hail damage accounts for nearly 250,000 automotive insurance claims every year, potentially leading to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs per vehicle. But while the weather may be difficult to predict, there are key strategies at your disposal to help keep your vehicle secured. This guide by Storage King USA will tell you everything you need to know about hailstorm car protection and the many ways a storage facility near you can help with hail-resistant storage options.

Understanding Hail Damage, Its Impact on Vehicles, and How To Prevent Damage

Hailstones vary in mass, ranging from small pellets to golf ball-size projectiles. But don’t let their small size fool you. With potential speeds that can exceed 100 miles per hour in the most extreme situations, these ice missiles can severely dent and damage the exterior of your vehicle, leaving an unsightly and costly aftermath. 

Hail Damage Prevention Tips

While you can’t control the weather, these proactive measures can significantly reduce the risk of hail damage to your vehicle.

  • Monitor weather alerts. Stay informed about adverse conditions in your area. It may seem like an obvious step, but you’ll appreciate your foresight when you choose to stay home rather than risk costly damage to your vehicle. 
  • Strategic parking. During hailstorms, finding the right place to park should always be your priority. Whenever possible, find covered parking or park your vehicle in a garage to shield it from the direct impact of hailstones.
  • Invest in a high-quality car cover. Find one designed specifically for hailstorms. It’s particularly important for owners of rare or vintage cars to find the best car cover for hailstorms you can. This extra layer of protection can save you thousands in cosmetic repairs.

Garage Alternatives for Hail Protection

It’s not always easy to find a secure place to store your vehicle, especially if you live in an apartment, condo, or townhome. For those without access to a traditional garage, innovative alternatives exist to help you keep your car shielded. Portable carports, also called “car tents,” and hail nets offer effective coverage during storms, creating a protective barrier against falling hailstones.

Beyond parking strategies and car covers, various protective measures are available to safeguard your vehicle against hail damage. Hail blankets, made from durable and impact-resistant materials, provide an additional layer of defense to help prevent even the smallest dents. Crucially, these solutions provide a level of flexibility, allowing you to set up a temporary shelter when needed. 

Storage King USA’s Covered Vehicle Storage Solution

When you need a more permanent form of protection, Storage King USA’s vehicle storage options are here for you. Our facilities provide secure and sheltered environments to shield your vehicle from unpredictable weather. Additionally, with our temperature-controlled storage options, everything you store can remain protected from temperature fluctuations and harsh conditions.

Minimize the risk of hail damage and keep your vehicle in pristine condition with a little help from Storage King USA.

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