What to Do With Winter Clothing After the Season


Winter has come to a close in Chattanooga, TN, and we’ve been enjoying warmer temperatures for a while. But now that it’s no longer in danger of being cold, you’re probably looking to clear up space in your closets you’ve been holding for winter gear. Storage King has a few ideas that will help you reduce the seasonal clutter in your closets and dressers.

3 Storage Ideas for Winter Clothing

Shrink them with vacuum bags.

Thick, heavy sweaters and sweat pants take up a lot of room in dresser drawers. There’s a way to store them properly without taking up too much space: vacuum bags. Place the clothing in the bags and suck out all the air with the included vacuum. You’ll be able to stack them neatly on top of one another in your closet to make room for your summer clothing.

Put them away in storage bins.

Plastic storage bins come in handy for storing all types of winter clothes, from snow boots to thermal underwear. If you invest in the clear containers, you’ll be able to see the contents inside, making it easier to find what you’re looking for without the need to open the lid and to rummage through the clothing.

Fold and stack bulky items.

Some people hang bulky items like sweaters, but it’s best to fold them. Sweaters take up a lot of room in the closet and reduce the amount of space for other seasonal clothes. Fold your sweaters to free up space on the rod and place them on the top shelf in the closet. You can also invest in hanging shelves to get added space for storing your winter clothes.

Self Storage for Your Winter Clothing

If you pack all your seasonal clothes, you may find out that you have nowhere to put it. If that’s the case, Storage King has the answer. Self storage is your friend in Chattanooga, TN, giving you a place to store your winter clothes out of the way. With a storage unit, you’ll have the space at home for your warm weather wardrobe.

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