The Benefits of Proper Document Storage During Tax Season

You have plenty of documents taking up space in your home. From your car title to your birth certificate, organizing and keeping track of essential papers can be tricky. Storage King USA explains why storage units aren’t just the perfect solution for safekeeping household goods and business equipment. Self storage helps home and business owners in Raleigh, NC keep tax forms and other important records secure and accessible yet out of the way.

Storing Tax Documents for the Long Term

Many taxpayers fail to realize how important it is to retain tax returns and supporting forms. In most cases, keeping returns and forms for three years from the filing date covers you if you’re audited. Paperwork documenting sales of stock, a home, or other capital assets should be kept for six years. If you’ve ever failed to file a tax return or filed a fraudulent return, hang on to your papers indefinitely. Tax returns are also needed for loan applications.

The Dangers of Storing Tax Papers Online

Now that you know how long to keep tax records, you need a place for them. Scanning and storing them in the cloud is a clutter-busting trick, but is it safe? Shredding forms keeps would-be burglars from stealing your information, but the digital realm is far from free of identity theft. With thefts occurring on a much larger scale online, it’s easy to see why stashing tax papers in secure storage units is the smart choice.

Protecting Documents from Weather and Theft

You need a well-lit, fully enclosed self storage facility protected by security code gate entry and round-the-clock video surveillance to keep your documents away from prying eyes. Once you’ve reserved a unit, protect key papers from moisture as well by placing them in a cabinet or other location well above the floor. Climate control offers yet another layer of protection from the hot, humid weather in Raleigh, NC.

Get Ready for Tax Season with Storage King USA

As another tax season rolls around, those all-important forms and returns are in the spotlight again. Retaining tax papers and supporting documents in self storage is just as essential as filing your return in a timely manner. Storage King USA offers the security you need for proper document storage and peace of mind during tax season and all year round. Contact us today to reserve one of our storage units in Raleigh, NC and other communities in the region.

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