Turn Your Basement into the Game Room You’ve Always Wanted

How can you turn your basement into a great game room? Read our tips and find out how self storage can be the tool you need.

Living in a home with a basement allows you to get creative and make the space truly your own. If your basement is not functional for fun at the moment, this summer is the perfect time for a renovation. Follow these basement renovation tips along with basement storage ideas from Storage King USA to make a great at-home entertainment space with a game room.

Renovation Tips Before Starting Your Project

Figuring out how to make the basement feel more a part of the home and less like an appendage or an awkward room is the name of the game when it comes to renovating your basement. A great basement game room is able to utilize the space available to its fullest.

Regardless of how wild or extensive you want your game room to be, our main renovation tip is to make sure that water damage and foundation problems don’t bring an end to the fun before it even begins. Be sure to fix anything that needs to be done before you start redoing your space.

What to Do with Basement Storage

In order to bring the game room of your dreams to life, you’ll probably need to address the storage role that your basement probably plays. You are not alone if your basement has solely turned into a spot for storage, but that is easy to change. Go through your current storage and keep what is only essential in a closet or small space of the basement. For the rest of the items, donate or sell what you have been holding on to for years, and place items that don’t immediately need in a self storage unit.

Game Room Ambiance Is Key

The finishing touches of your game room is where your personality can shine. Enjoy picking the right light fixtures or curtains for your space, and don’t forget to hang pictures and add decor. A game room should be fun, so don’t hold back on making the space your own. Make sure your guests are comfortable with seating and purchase that mini fridge that you have been wanting for your basement renovation.

Time to Choose Your Games

The most important part of a game room: the games! Consider the larger games you want first, such as a pool table, ping pong table, or even a large tv for games, because you will want to focus the rest of your organization around it. Pool tables in particular take up a lot of space, so you’ll need to account for that at the beginning.

From there, you can hang a dartboard, add foosball, and even lay out some classic board games for your family and guests to enjoy.

Store Now and Play Later

Get that basement renovation started and create the game room you have been wanting with the help of Storage King USA. As you clear your basement storage, consider renting a self storage unit at one of our many storage facilities near you. Our residential storage is the safe spot for your belongings, and we also have packing supplies available for sale to make the transition easier. Rent a storage unit and turn your basement into the game room you’ve been dreaming of today!

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