How Self Storage Can Help a Hoarding Habit

Why throw it away? You’re sure you’ll find a use for it. It’s easy to understand excuses for hanging on to things. It’s also easy for pack rat routines to turn into hoarder problems. Self storage here in Raleigh, NC can help you conquer that tendency to collect clutter and pile it up at home.

Start with a Storage Strategy

Storage units make it easier to break hoarder habits. You can always find a facility near your home, so use it as motivation to get started. Take a look around the house. Imagine how much self storage room you might need, and then check your estimates with an online space calculator.As you pack things up, work at your own pace. By moving clutter to a storage unit, you’re doing more than cleaning up your home. You’re making the house a lot more spacious, and you’re solving a big problem with a smart strategy.

Take Control of the Process

This kind of cleanup isn’t a quick weekend project, so take your time. Set realistic goals, and focus on making steady progress a little bit at the time. Take control of the process with these tips:• Start with small things you can easily box by yourself. • Enjoy being firm by tossing items you know you’ll never use. • If you can’t decide on something, store it now, and retrieve it later. • Show boxes you’re the boss by labeling them and keeping an inventory. • Every time you take a break, congratulate yourself on doing a great job.

Think Outside the Storage Box

Between affordable leasing options and a variety of sizes, storage units can do more than hold pack rat projects. Use them as staging areas for converting clutter into cash. Check out money-making opportunities through online auction sites, and double-check your box inventory for potential garage sale treasures.Be sure to consider the satisfaction of putting your things to better use. Local charities appreciate all kinds of donations, and you can often take a tax credit for large items. Many organizations here in Raleigh are happy to pick up clothes, furniture, appliances, and more.

We Have Plenty of Room

Once you start controlling clutter around the house, you’re back in charge. It’s okay to hold on to some things because you’re staying organized with self storage. We’re happy to help at our Tryon Road Raleigh, NC facility, conveniently located off Interstate 40. When you need extra space, Storage King USA always has plenty of room.

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