Spring Cleaning on a Budget

A woman spring cleaning in her apartment

Crack open the windows and let some fresh air in! Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to roll up your sleeves, pull out the wipes and dustpan, and breathe new life into your home. There are few things as revitalizing as a freshly cleaned and organized living space, plus if you’ve been considering any changes to your current arrangement, what better time than now?

Storage King USA loves this time of year, because we enjoy neat, orderly spaces meant to bring out the best in us. That’s why we’ve put together a quick read for you, full of helpful tidbits on how to spring clean and alternatives to cleaning products, while remaining mindful of any budgetary restrictions. A nice home cleaning shouldn’t break the bank!

How Much Does Spring Cleaning Cost?

So, how much does spring cleaning cost? This natural question does not have a quick answer, since it depends on how much space you need to clean and the types of things in need of cleaning. Affordable choices like what we discuss below should only cost a few dollars for everything you need, but for deep cleans like steaming your carpets or ventilating a room could cost hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, you don’t need to commit to something that hefty if you don’t want to or can’t afford it. We’ll show you.

Alternatives to Cleaning Products

We live in the age of affordable, do-it-yourself attitudes, which has led to a lot of meaningful alternatives to brand cleaning products that you’ll find in stores. Here are a few of our favorites that we think will help you curb the hit to your bank account.

Stain Remover

Some dish detergent, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide will do wonders for stains without needing to lean on any expensive products.

All-Purpose Cleaner

Throw together about one cup of vinegar with another cup of water, then add 20-30 drops of your preferred, fragrant essential oil for character. We like the tried and true options of lemon or lavender.

Stove and Appliance Cleaner

Baking soda is the key here. Mix about 4tbs of baking soda with 1-2tbs of water, then add an essential oil for a nice scent, and watch the old stains and food scrub right off.

A Cheap Way to Clean Carpet

Looking for a fast and cheap way to clean the carpet? Fortunately, there are a lot of options, but we suggest the following. You’ll need baking soda, some warm water, a brush, and a towel. Vacuum the area first so no dust or debris will get in the way, then sprinkle the baking soda over the area that needs cleaned. After you let it sit for a minute, use either the brush or towel, as feels appropriate, to start cleaning the spot. Apply warm water during the process, but not enough to drench the area. There you go, a quick, affordable “steam” clean!

Level Up Spring Cleaning with Storage King USA

If you’ve never used a self-storage unit before, the benefits might not be immediately apparent. Storage King USA offers a variety of storage unit sizes to suit your needs, each loaded with security features and many including climate control for an additional level of environmental protection. When reorganizing your home for spring cleaning, you might find yourself with more belongings than you want to keep around. A storage unit is the perfect solution for temporary or long-term storage while you sort out what to do with those belongings!

Fortunately, renting a storage unit is a breeze. Take a look at our list of locations and find the storage facility nearest you!

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