Moving Insurance Tips: Finding a Policy for Your New Home

There’s a lot to think about when moving into a new home. From having your utilities transferred to moving excess belongings into storage units, it’s easy for details to fall by the wayside. As you move to Chattanooga and find a unit at our nearby Hixson, TN facility, keep in mind the benefits of insurance at every step of the way. Here’s why insurance – from home to moving to self storage – is something you simply can’t overlook.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing your home’s true value ensures that you can recoup replacement costs if you need to rebuild. At the same time, it can help you avoid overpaying for insurance premiums. The replacement value is not necessarily the same as the market value, so consider having a local assessor or construction professional determine its worth. It’s also essential to know exactly what your policy covers. Most property owners are surprised at the number of exclusions.

What Isn’t Covered

Many policies don’t cover natural disasters. If tornadoes, earthquakes, ground floods, hurricanes, and other disasters are fairly common where you live, it’s important to know if you’ll be compensated for damage from these events. Riders may cover specialty items, like collectibles and family heirlooms, that aren’t covered under your home insurance.

Insurance During the Move

Insurance from your professional moving company defrays the cost of certain types of damage incurred during the move. Ask for details on whether the following damages are covered:

  • Lost or stolen belongings
  • Items damaged during moving truck accidents
  • Damage from dropped or improperly packed items

Full-value protection is designed to pay replacement costs, while the free policy offered by many movers pays a small fraction of these costs. Some self storage companies also offer low-cost tenant insurance. Your homeowner’s policy may cover items kept in storage units but will only partially cover those stored in a friend or relative’s home.

Be Prepared for Anything

Consider all factors when choosing an insurer. Premiums are an important consideration, but price isn’t everything. Make sure you choose the same coverage or more when comparing rates, and read reviews to ensure you’ll be getting the quality of customer service you need if something goes wrong. When lining up a homeowner’s policy for your new address, don’t forget to sign up for insurance when renting one of our storage units.At Storage King USA, we offer units for all your self storage needs at our Chattanooga area facility in Hixson, TN, as well as insurance policies for added protection. Prepare for your move with us today!

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