How to Find a Good Apartment in New Jersey

What is a “good apartment?” While that definition can change based on your needs, most can agree that a good apartment is one that fits both your budget and lifestyle. But if you live in a densely populated area, you may wonder how to find a good apartment that you can afford. Finding a New Jersey apartment that fits the bill can be tricky in today’s climate. While it’s a landlord’s game, there are ways to level the playing field—such as using New Jersey self storage to expand your storage capabilities and widen the amount of apartments that will work for you.From maximizing your apartment space with self storage to locating a budget-friendly option, these tips will help you find the New Jersey apartment that’s right for you.

Get Ahead of Issues

As soon as you decide to look for a new home, it’s important to see where your credit report lies. Pulling your credit report is free and can be done through a variety of websites or banking institutions. Follow the instructions to remove any inaccuracies and consider adding a statement if you need to explain late payments. If your report contains legitimate delinquencies, let your potential landlord know. A letter from a previous landlord could help smooth things over.

Prepare for Your Move

Good apartments can appear on the market without warning. If you’re not ready to move soon, a good apartment could be snatched up before you even grab the moving boxes. Be prepared for a quick move by having the majority of your belongings packed and ready to go in a self storage unit. Self storage gives your belongings a clean, affordable home away from home until you’re ready to move.

Work With a Broker

If budget is less of an issue than time, consider working with a broker. This is an especially good idea if you’re looking for a New Jersey apartment or a place in any competitive area. Brokers can help narrow your options to those that fit your list of must-haves. Ask plenty of questions, and be specific about your wants. You may also be able to negotiate the broker fee.

Stay Within Your Budget

For many, the big question is how to find a good apartment that won’t break the bank. Being flexible is key; you probably won’t get everything you want in a bargain-priced rental. Sharing a place with a roommate gives you access to a bigger apartment at a lower rate. You may even be able to rent a nicer place in a better neighborhood by splitting the rent. If possible, start apartment shopping during the off-season, such as the winter. You may be able to negotiate a little for a “fixer-upper.” The same goes for an apartment with a bad view or on a middle floor.Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you learn about parking fees, utility costs, deposits, monthly pet charges, and whether renters’ insurance is required. If possible, ask neighbors about noise levels and security. Act quickly if you do find a good New Jersey apartment!

Give Your Apartment Extra Space with Self Storage

If none of the apartments that you’re looking for in your price range have the storage space that you need, self storage is a great option. By putting seldom used items in New Jersey self storage, you can get your budget to stretch further.With multiple conveniently located storage facilities in New Jersey, Storage King USA has the affordable storage units you need to help you find your dream New Jersey apartment. Rent your unit online today!

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