How to Creatively Declutter Your Home

Aerial view of a person typing on a computer surrounded by a messy desk.

Clutter happens to the best of us. When life gets in the way of a tidy home, it’s time to get creative. Whether you’re drowning in excess stuff or just need to clear a little space, these tips from Storage King USA can help. With storage units in Lakeland, FL, and other communities around the US, we’ve been part of countless decluttering projects, and we’d love to help with yours.

Get a New Perspective

Start by rearranging your furniture. Not only might you uncover stray items, but you’ll get a new perspective and decluttering inspiration. You’ll be energized and ready to start tossing or donating those unwanted items. The rest can either stay at home in a designated spot or head to self storage for safekeeping. Seeing things differently can also help you enjoy your decluttering project. Throw on your favorite tunes and imagine how satisfying it will be to purge your home of those belongings that are weighing you down.

Make it Manageable

Many customers visit our Florida self storage facilities looking for a way to keep clutter at bay. Tackling clutter can be overwhelming—that is, unless you have a plan. Give each room a score of one to three, with three being the messiest. Tackle one area at a time until each is fully organized. The progress you see will spur you on to finish the next section or room. Need extra motivation? Reward yourself with a good piece of chocolate or that new pair of sunglasses you’ve been eyeing.

Self Storage for Organization

You may have heard of the one-year test. If you haven’t used an item in a year, you can probably do without it. Remember which books, movies and CDs you haven’t listened to by turning them in the opposite direction of the other media as you read, watch or listen to them. Place other items in self storage in containers clearly marked with the date, then come back and re-evaluate them in a few months. Don’t have a storage unit? If you need storage in Lakeland, get in touch with us today. Contact our friendly staff for help choosing the right self storage for you or reserve a storage unit online.

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