The Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in Colorado Springs

Kids dressed up for Halloween on a trick or treat.

It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting cooler, the sun sets earlier, and you begin to notice an abundance of fake cobwebs, skeleton statues, and jack-o’-lanterns. These are a few of the best parts of the spooky season in Colorado Springs, as people from all over come together to festively decorate and celebrate Halloween in many different ways.

While the Halloween spirit can be felt anywhere, every neighborhood is not the same. If you’re celebrating with kids, odds are some trick-or-treating is in your plans, and it’s important to know where you’re going. Storage King USA is here to help. In this blog, we’ll go over a few of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs and provide a few trick-or-treating tips that can help you have a safe, successful night.

Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley is one of the most popular neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs. Many houses participate in the Halloween festivities here each year, with yards full of large figurines and windows lined with decorations. It offers a safe, friendly environment for kids to roam, making it an ideal location for a night of fun.

Old North End

Another excellent neighborhood for trick-or-treaters is Old North End. The historical homes in this area often go all out with their decorations, creating a spooky atmosphere that’s perfect for Halloween. Many people here also dress up to pass out candy, which can bring some fun—or fright—to your kiddos.


Briargate is one of the safest neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs. There are walkable sidewalks here, and most of the streets connect, allowing you to loop around as much as you’d like. With a family-friendly atmosphere and several beautiful houses going all out, it’s a top choice for many residents.


The Broadmoor area is another one of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs. In addition to picturesque views, you can stroll through the streets of this high-end community with ease. Take in all the fun decorations and designs while (possibly) picking up some full-size candy bars.

Stetson Hills

Stetson Hills contains plenty of houses that are perfect for trick-or-treaters to visit. This area offers a safe and fun environment for kids to easily knock out multiple houses and rack up some serious candy. With many sidewalks and solid tree cover, you’re bound to have a good time here.

Wolf Ranch

One of the safest neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs is Wolf Ranch. As one of the larger subdivisions in the area, it has wide sidewalks and many beautiful, well-decorated homes. Altogether, coming here promises an evening filled with treats and maybe a few tricks!

Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween

Regardless of where you decide to go trick-or-treating, remember to follow these important Colorado Springs trick-or-treating tips. Always use sidewalks, and make sure to respect the property and privacy of others. If you’re traveling somewhere without consistent street lighting, wear reflective clothing or carry flashlights. You should also inspect any treats you pick up before eating them, especially anything homemade or home-wrapped.

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Visiting these popular neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in Colorado Springs is a perfect way for families to have an enjoyable and memorable night of Halloween fun. So dress up in your spookiest or silliest costume, grab your pillowcase or bucket, and head out to get some candy!

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