Tips and Tricks for Combining Households

When moving in together, there’s often two sets of belongings to deal with. These suggestions can help you combine households efficiently. A couple carrying moving boxes into their new home

Moving in with someone is exciting, but it also comes with its share of stressful tasks. Whether it’s just a matter of finding room for each other’s stuff or a full-blown Brady Bunch situation, combining two households can be a headache if you don’t make a solid plan first.

If you and your partner have decided to take the leap, Storage King’s residential storage services could be just what you need to help make the process go smoothly. Here’s some friendly advice for how to combine households by starting off on the right foot.

Get on the same page

This may seem obvious, but before you do anything else, you should have a conversation or two about what it’ll be like to live together. Even if one of you is the organizer who likes to take the lead on things like this, you should still take stock of each other’s needs and preferences when it comes to cohabitation. There are a few different areas to consider, including:

  • Sharing financial burdens. Are you ready to combine finances, too? If so, look into getting a joint bank account and consider consulting a financial advisor who can help guide you through the process. If you’re more comfortable keeping your money separate, at least for now, then come up with a plan for making rent or mortgage payments, as well as covering other household expenses. A budgeting app like Mint or Honeydue, which is designed specifically for couples, could really come in handy.
  • Chores and household maintenance. The last thing you want is for one of you to do most or all of the work and end up resenting the other person. Divvy up household tasks and plan to keep track of them, either with a to-do app or a list on the fridge. Start by claiming the chores that you actually enjoy doing– if one of you loves to get exercise by mowing the lawn and the other enjoys the meditative aspects of folding laundry, then go ahead and commit to doing those chores every week. That should make sorting out the less desirable work a little less daunting.
  • Alone time. If you’ve lived alone for a while, and especially if this is your first time living with a partner, one of the biggest adjustments will be finding enough alone time for both of you. Even if you’re still firmly in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you should carve out some time each week to spend alone in order to rest and recharge. It could be just what you need to make the honeymoon last.
  • Kids (and pets). If one or both of you are bringing kids or pets along for the journey, you’ll definitely want to think about how to help everyone get along and feel comfortable. Have your pets meet each other on neutral ground so they don’t get too territorial when they find themselves living together. And if kids are involved, be sure to set clear rules and healthy boundaries to help them adjust to their new life.

Take an inventory of personal belongings

Once you’ve addressed those big interpersonal issues, you’ll be ready to dig into the more logistical ones. But don’t be fooled: physical things still have emotional attachments. Take note of all the items that really matter to you, and remember that your partner will have their own list, too.

Prioritize the items that mean the most to you and then compare them with your partner’s priorities. Do you have an old wooden dresser that’s been passed down in your family for generations? Then it may mean the cheap dresser your partner bought at a department store is expendable. Do they have a hobby that takes up a bit of space, like painting or tinkering with machines? Consider which of your lower-priority items could be cleared to make room for their brushes and/or wrenches.

Figure out how much space you’ll have– and what will fit in it

Whether one of you is moving into the other one’s current home or both of you are moving into a brand new space, take the time to measure each room. Then, measure your larger items, such as furniture and appliances, and cross-reference those measurements with your priority lists. Come up with a final list of items that make the most sense to move, in terms of both practicality and sentimentality. Finally, consider which items could be sold or given away and figure out who will take care of them.

Use self storage to make the move easier

Once you’ve figured out what’s going to the new space and what’s not, you’ll probably both have at least a few things you can’t let go of, even if there’s not enough room for them in the new place. Finding enough storage for families doesn’t have to be a pain– Storage King has plenty of options to help you out.

Use your inventory list and measurements to figure how much stuff you have left over that needs to be stored, and then find a unit size that works for you. Maybe you only need a unit the size of a walk-in closet, or maybe you basically need an entire garage’s worth of space. Storage King offers units across that range. And with our long, flexible access hours, you’ll be able to get your stuff when you need it.

If the items on your storage list are resistant to the elements, a basic storage unit will do the trick. But if you’ve got important documents or old furniture that could be affected by extreme temperatures and humidity, a climate-controlled storage unit would be best. And if you or your partner are the worrying type, you could even opt for a Smart Unit. Available at select facilities, each Smart Unit is equipped with 24/7 motion sensing technology for added peace of mind.

If you’re ready to start combining households,find a Storage King location near you and ask one of our helpful employees about available units that could suit your needs. While you’re there, you could even save yourself another stop and buy moving and packing supplies right there on-site. Before you know it, you’ll be settled in with your partner and ready to start your new life together!

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