5 Efficient Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Small apartment crammed with stuff.

Sometimes a small apartment is all you need to feel comfortable in a large city like Raleigh, NC. However, it may not have enough space for everything in your life. Fortunately, even a small apartment has extra space where you least expect it – you just have to look in the right places. Storage King wants to help you make the most use of the space in your apartment.

5 Storage Hacks for Your Small Apartment

Let some things go.

One of the best ways to create extra space is by letting go of the things that you really don’t use or need. If you have duplicate items, let go of one. If you buy something new for your place, consider giving away something else. Clutter can quickly become your worst enemy in a small apartment, so think about downsizing your belongings to create more space.

Invest in door organizers.

The backs of your doors are the perfect location for shelves and organizers. In fact, door organizers are inexpensive and a great solution for getting things off the floor and out of the way.

Put a shelf above the doors.

You know that space above the door in your room? Install a shelf there. You can use the extra space to store books, décor, or whatever you can think of.

Place shelves in nooks.

Don’t forget about the nooks and crannies in your place. An unused space by a door or in the corner is a good spot for a floor shelf or several hanging shelves.

Install pegboards for added storage.

Pegboards are lifesavers for people in small apartments. You can install one in the kitchen for your pots and pans, in the bathroom for added towel hooks, and in the bedroom for miscellaneous items.

Self Storage: A Simple Solution

If you can’t find room for everything in your apartment, you’ll find plenty of space in our storage units. Storage King in Raleigh, NC provides convenient self storage for all the extra items that either take up too much room in your place or can’t fit where you want them. Whether it’s a small closet-sized unit for spare clothes or a larger unit to store some chairs, lamps, and furnishings, we’ll help you pick out the right storage units for your belongings.

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