10 x 10  Climate Inside Upper Level
Upper Levels
Climate Controlled
10 x 10 Climate Inside Upper Level
Rent for $132.00
Upper Levels
Climate Controlled
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Please come to our store within 48 hours prior to your reservation date to sign your lease agreement.

Theresa Pichardo
Reva Ray
Rodriguz Rossi
Ronald Debe
Denise Holmes
Muy bueno
Oscar Troche
Manuel Morales
Love it
Hammouda Albaridi
Muy amplio el lugar
David Mendoza
Muy buen lugar para guardar y mantener nuestras cosas saguras y en un buen estado, ademas cuenta con un buen equipo de colaboradores que trabajan arduamente para dar un extraordinario servicio a sus clientes, (verdaderos amigos).
jose yañez
Sarah Brown
luz Clarke
Rafael Abreu
Jeymi Rosa
Alvin Padua
Secure and good service as long as your on time with payments
Junior Shukri
Tracy Williams
Wanda Lugo
I dont usually write reviews but this storage facility has been an awesome find for me. It has been perfect for my needs! As a small busines owner my biggest areas of concern were security,getting a great value, and access to my tools. I actually live in Clifton but found the prices and discounts here much much better! There's a huge price difference! Its still very close to where I'm located and work, its safe (you'll see cameras at every corner and i learned that each room has its own door alarm), its well lit and also extremely clean. There are outdoor units with extended gate hours that I use and climate controlled units inside.The staff was so helpful and courteous I simply can't thank them enough. What more can i say? Modern facility, great people, free van, spacious rooms, is very clean and they have unbeatable deals. Two thumbs up for Storage King USA.
Robert Niedzwiecki
I have seldom been so impressed with a service agent as I have been with the Assistant Manager Mr. Christopher Llanos. From last November, when I opened my account at the facility in Passaic N.J. to just a few days ago, when I no longer required my outdoor unit, Mr. Llanos has shown an incredible amount of courtesy and consideration in offering accommodating solutions during a time of personal economic difficulty. I applaud Storage King Passaic for having the wisdom to hire such a quality individual as Mr. Llanos. He is a person that is not only excellent at what he does, but allows his personal ethic to enhance his work ethic to make the customer feel comfortable about their investment. A young man with such qualities should not only be allowed to train others, but move rapidly up the corporate ladder.
I have a business in the town next door in Clifton and we have tried several facilities. Nothing beats this Storage King. The access, cleaniness and security seemed better than all facilities i have ever used. I would definitely use them again.